Tennis is a favorite sport of many people, playing tennis not only helps in physical training but also acts as a bridge in working relationships.

At Celadon Sports Club, we believe that even the most demanding tennis players will be satisfied with the playground system here. The court surface and lighting meet international standards so that the players can play even in the evening. Standard court surface, beautiful paint, the good bounce of the ball, stability are the common comments of many visitors who have played here. The tennis courts at Celdadon Sports Club are surrounded by green ecological space and the water surface will bring a really different feeling compared to ordinary tennis courts.

Convenient location, downtown west of the city

Pictures were taken directly at Celadon Sports and Resort Club

Celadon Tan Phu sports club tennis court is located at address 2, D2 street, Son Ky, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a very familiar name to tennis lovers living and working in the district.

Celadon Sports Club has up to 7 outdoor training courts, 2 covered courts. Equipment such as mesh dividers and lounge chairs are also fully equipped. Besides, this place is also equipped with a large-capacity floodlight system to help players see more clearly at night.

Standard yard size

Pictures were taken directly at Celadon Sports and Resort Club

The tennis courts of Celadon Sports Club are of international quality standards for both singles and doubles. The surveillance camera system in the storage area works continuously to help players feel more secure and not worry about losing personal items when registering to rent a yard here.

The playing field is 23.77m long, with a width of 8.23m for singles and 10.97m for doubles. Located in the middle of the field and parallel to the touchline. The height of the net in the center of the field is 914 mm and at the two net posts, it will be 1.07m.

In addition, the stretch nets and columns, and nets are also designed by Celadon club according to international competition standards. Celadon club standard ground With a hard court surface made up of 6 basic layers:

- Asphalt concrete base

- The patching layer consists of emulsion and sand mixture

- Rubber asphalt layer

- Grade of Emulsion Bitumen Ios. blend

- Acrylic paint layer

- The top layer is Acrylic paint used as a white tennis court line This hard court at Celadon Sports Club will make the ball bounce higher, go faster, and more evenly.

What's more wonderful is when you can both experience exercise, enjoy a relaxing space, heal your soul and body with just 5 minutes moving right at the area you are living, sports club Celadon - the favorite place for great quality and unique tennis practice experience with friends right in the heart of the city. Here, we have a swimming experience package with only 499K, get a discount code here.


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