Encouraged by many experts to be chosen as one of the exercises to maintain health due to its suitable nature for almost all ages, especially in height development for teenagers. Swimming is always the first choice to balance physical and mental health. However, choosing a place to practice that satisfies all the criteria of landscape, facilities and service quality in an urban area of ​​10 million people is always a big challenge for fans of this sport. Understanding the above thoughts, Celadon Sports and Resort Club is confident to bring customers the best swimming experience space in the West of the City.

Modern water filtration system

Impurities in swimming pool water are mainly dirt, bacteria, cosmetics, oil and sweat secreted from the human body by swimmers as well as dirt, dust, leaves and fungi and algae from the outside. outside the swimming pool. Most of these impurities are insoluble in water, some float to the surface, some are mixed in the water, and some settle to the bottom of the water due to the difference in specific gravity. If the pool water does not have a reverse circulation system on the surface of the water, the pool surface is dead water.

Understanding the importance of water purification systems, Celadon Sports and Resort Club is proud to be one of the few units equipped with the most modern salt ion water purification system today with a cleanliness sensor. and water quality display. At the club, the quality of the members' health and service experience is always the guideline and the top priority.

Location, prime location, convenient transportation

Located in the heart of Tan Phu district and the gateway to the west of the city. Celadon Pool is located in an easily accessible location with a diverse network of surrounding transport and convenient transportation. Address 2, D2 street, Son Ky ward, Tan Phu district is a perfect choice for residents living in Celadon City, apartments in particular, and other areas in Tan Binh and Binh Tan districts. , Tan Phu District, District 11, District 12 come to experience and practice. From just 3 to 5 minutes away from the above locations, you can practice sports with 5-star resort standards, every day.

Design the most modern Olympic standard swimming pool in the West of the City

The swimming pool at Celadon Sports and Resort Club is an outdoor swimming pool, designed according to Olympic standards, with a length of 50 meters, with 8 swimming lanes with a modern salt ion filter system and daily swimming pool cleaning service. Accompanied by a pool area for children, a Jacuzzi pool in the midst of a green, isolated and quiet space. Your training experience will be cherished and refined in the most wonderful way with a system of facilities, towel service, lockers, changing rooms, and 100% imported wet and dry sauna systems with dedicated and professional staff.

Standard 5-star resort space right in the heart of the city. Conceived and built on the idea of ​​creating a sports complex with many subjects, serving the purpose of health training but at the same time ensuring the resort function and high aesthetics. Architecture and space at Celadon Sports and Resort Club have been honored many times at national and international architectural competitions. Customers will be really overwhelmed by the green, harmonious, quiet, and environmentally friendly space at the club. With more than 65% of the area covered with natural and diverse greens with a lot of vegetation and cool blue water all year round, the unique training experience at the club will leave wonderful and unforgettable emotions in your life. Dear Customers.

What's more wonderful when you can both experience exercise, enjoy a relaxing space, heal your soul and body with just 5 minutes of moving right at your living area, sports club. Celadon - the favorite spot for the ultimate and unique swimming workout experience right in the heart of the city. Here, we have a swimming experience package with only 499K, get a discount code here.


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