Are you looking for a standard gym near Tan Phu, Tan Binh or Binh Tan? This gym needs PT (personal trainer) service but the price needs to be reasonable? You need both of the above points, but the gym needs to be modern, open space with a very chill view?

Celadon Sports and Resort Club confidently meets all of your above criteria. Refer to the content below that will make you more confident to register and practice at Celadon club today.

Modern and diverse facilities

With the brand positioning as a high-class, resort-standard sports complex, the system of exercise machines and equipment at the gym Celadon Sports and Resort Club also receives the right attention and investment to meet synchronously, common standards set forth. With the import of 100% of gym equipment and machines, the training experience at Celadon Sports and Resort Club is completely superior and different from other gyms in the area. In addition, the gym is also equipped with a bathroom area, a changing room, a locker, an air purifier in the isolated area, and an extremely powerful sound system and playlist to help you enjoy your stay. Members get the best and most productive experience.

Modern gym design with a very chill view

Besides the variety of exercise machines, the design of the gym space always has a great influence on the feeling and quality of the participants' exercise. Therefore, functionality and aesthetics are the two main factors that are guaranteed at the gym at Celadon Sports and Resort Club. At the club gym, the exercise machines, weight storage area, wall - ceiling - floor - mirror and rest area are arranged in a structure that optimizes functionality and at the same time helps to save floor space, ensuring an orderly and tidy space, and at the same time creating many paths to meet the movement needs of exercise participants.

Not stopping there, more than 200m2 of gym space is also installed with 100% high-class glass, in order to ensure international design standards, and at the same time, with the reception of a lot of natural light into the gym, the issue of hygiene and safety is very important. Students will be guaranteed and participants can feel more secure when choosing to practice at Celadon sports club.

Convenient location, prime right in the center

Located in the heart of Tan Phu district and the gateway to the west of the city. Celadon Club Gym is located in an easily accessible location with a diverse network of surrounding transportation and convenient transportation. Address at 02, D2 street, Son Ky ward, Tan Phu district is a perfect choice for residents living in Celadon City, apartments in particular and other areas in Tan Binh and Binh Tan Districts, Tan Phu District, District 11, District 12 come to experience and practice. From just 3 to 5 minutes away from the above locations, you can practice sports with 5-star resort standards, every day. Moving between the place of residence and the place of daily practice will no longer be an obstacle, making the process of "fat loss, muscle gain" faster and more effective.

Dedicated PT (personal trainer) service and reasonable price

With the motto of concern and responsibility for public health, the team of PTs (personal trainers) for both men and women at the club are always cultivated, trained and supplemented with knowledge about nutrition, methods of nutrition and health. New and world-leading workout. When choosing to exercise with the club's PTs, instead of simply losing weight and fat; Our ultimate goal is the physical and mental health and recovery of our Members. Join us on a journey to recovery and finding the best version of your body, right at Celadon Sports and Resort Club - a sports complex just steps from your doorstep. Gym at an international standard gym with a very chill pool view for only 499K, why not? Get your workout coupon code here.


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