In basketball-loving countries, sometimes just a basketball board in the open ground is enough for everyone to enjoy playing basketball. However, in the world, there are also many elaborately invested and decorated basketball courts in the world that make ballers always want to visit once. Celadon Tan Phu Sports Club is confident to bring the best basketball experience to ballers.

Benefits of playing basketball

Pictures were taken directly at Celadon Sports and Resort Club

Nutritionists and educators in developed countries suggest to parents that basketball is a sport that has a comprehensive impact on a child's development. Basketball has all the ingredients to become a popular sport with its engaging fighting nature, combined with virtuoso skill and excellent teamwork.

Tips for playing basketball

The first and most important thing is to prepare a good pair of basketball shoes. Because if you choose the wrong type, it can cause injury. Since this sport involves running and jumping, good cushioning and support are important. For example, heels provide more support for the ankle but are a bit heavy. Mid-top shoes are a softer choice, but the downside is poor ankle support.

The second thing to note is that it is necessary to warm up the body before playing. Since basketball is a fast-paced sport, it's important to warm-up well before a game. Warming up before a game reduces your risk of injury and is also an effective way to improve athletic performance.

In addition, to maximize your ability to play football as well as feel excited, play hard with your teammates, a beautiful basketball court is indispensable!

Which basketball court should I choose in Ho Chi Minh City?

Pictures were taken directly at Celadon Sports and Resort Club

With the desire to bring the best experience to customers. Celadon Tan Phu Sports Club confidently gives ballers a basketball experience completely different from other basketball courts.

The size of the Celadon Sports Club basketball court is a rectangular field with a length of 28m and a width of 15m, measured from the inside edge of one sideline to the other. With modern design, state-of-the-art equipment, and standard dimensions, the ground is guaranteed to be especially smooth to prevent slipping. Gives bounce to the ball and withstands abrasion. Minimize injury to the practitioner. In addition, the 5-star experience and service space at Celadon Club will give customers a comfortable spirit and motivation to exercise and exercise daily. Do not hesitate any longer without registering to become a member today to use and experience 5-star standard health services.

What's more wonderful is when you can both experience exercise, enjoy a relaxing space, heal your soul and body with just 5 minutes moving right at the area you are living, sports club Celadon - the favorite place for a great and unique basketball practice experience with friends right in the heart of the city. Here, we have a swimming experience package with only 499K, get a discount code here.


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