More than 15 years of experience in the field of interior design. With the desire to share the concerns of our customers when looking for a perfect design and construction solution at a reasonable cost, we always try our best to offer the best design solutions and produces the most sophisticated products for each work item from interior construction to construction. The safety factor is still the top priority and above all is to ensure that customers not only have a beautiful space but must be absolutely safe during use.


At the same time, KINGDOM DESIGN constantly updates new design trends and quality construction techniques above your expectations, opening up opportunities to discover, experience and enjoy every day for you. row.


As a unit of interior design and construction of many large projects and projects. Proud to be a company with extensive experience in the field of interior design and construction trusted and chosen by many customers, KINGDOM DESIGN has designed and "launched" hundreds of different works and projects in large urban areas such as villa design, interior design of high-class apartments, houses, corporate office design...


Some typical projects can be mentioned here such as: High-class apartments (The Ascent - District 2, Sunrise City, ...); Offices - buildings (Phan Minh Group, Trade Center Building - Ton Duc Thang,...); Restaurant - wine cellar Phuong Thuy - Long Thanh, Dong Nai; King Palace Wedding Convention Center - Bao Loc Lam Dong, .... is highly appreciated for its unique design ideas, optimal usability with modern aesthetic value.


KINGDOM DESIGN is committed to consulting, designing and completing the project in the shortest time and saving 30% of the time compared to the current normal project process. To help customers save time, when they need to discuss About the project, a representative from KINGDOM DESIGN will come to the place to meet and discuss directly with customers.


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