With the name "Stimulating height development class" of Bang Tam height development gymnastics class, it is taught and practiced according to the height increasing curriculum for ages 4 to 18 years old. After 9 years of establishment, the class has attracted more than 8,000 students from 4 to 18 years old.

In particular, in the summer holidays, the number of students registered for study increases significantly compared to the time of the school year. Bang Tam Development Gymnastics class also has 12 facilities with more than 30 qualified and qualified teachers. With the vision of "THE HIGH QUALITY SPORTS SUCCESSFULLY SUCCESSFULLY WINNER" - Bang Tam height development gym class confidently gives children outstanding dimensional development. When participating in the height development course, the students will learn according to the height increase curriculum for Vietnamese children through different stages.

At the height increase class, we will focus on exercises affecting bones, joints and muscles so that the children's bodies develop in a balanced way. With the mission:

- Gymnastics to reach high stature, comprehensive physical development from the preschool generation.

- Sports exercise physical strength, improve intelligence.

- Sports contributes to building a healthy, optimistic and loving community.

- Exercise to restore function, balance the body, optimize physical condition. Towards a world-class sports world. Bang Tam height development class always takes core values ​​​​for children when coming to the class:

1. Healthy – 2. Joyful – 3. Proactive – 4. Intelligence – 5. With Heart – 6. Willpower – 7. Excellence – 8. Solidarity – 9. Victory – 10. Sharing – 11. Coaching – 12. Happiness”


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